At the beginning of the year I had plenty of goals. Some I reached and some I did not. But, even if i didn’t reach all my goals I would say this year was a pretty successful  year. My goals were to do my homework and to get to class on time. I also had the goals of being organized, and turning my work in on time. I accomplished some of my goals.

It was a pretty good year with some interesting stuff. From going rock climbing to winning OCCs for track, to getting honor roll. My favorite part of this school year was probably when we went to AU and I hung out with my friends. There were other times I liked too.

For the upcoming 8th graders. They just don’t have to worry. Everything will be fine.

Do Something Foundation

Have you ever wanted to help other but didnt know how? Do Something is a foundation that holds many charities they help a lot of people in many different ways. So, if you ask yourself that question im sure you could go do something on there. But like every great company there are some facts about them you should and could know.

The Founders.

Andrew Shue and Michael Sanchez founded Do Something in 1993 in New York. In 2003 Nancy Lublin brought the company out of a 250,000 dollar debt. IN 2015 she ended up bringing in  5.5 million members when they started with only 60. In 2014 there revenue was 24 million dollars. She later stepped down to help another charity, the Crisis Text Line. Since she stepped down Aria Finger took over Nancy’s position. When previously she was a big help with what she did. She still is in charge today.

Who They Help.

The Do Something foundation helps about 343 causes. Some are Teens for Jeans, Get the Filter Out (GTFO), Smiles for Soldiers , Game Winning Drive, 5 Cans Challenge and Many more.



How you could Help.

One way that the company suggest you help is to sign up for  a campaign and create a account.Then Do Something!Submit a photo of the thing you were doing. Finally share the movement! Also, there are other ways you can help donate, get a job there, Intern there, share the movement often,tell other to go do stuff too.




Other Interesting Facts.

The Do Something foundation airs with Big Company owners, like McCarthy and Jessica King. Since they have multiple campaigns there are endless ways you can help, every campaign has different thing you can do to help.  They have been a company for 21 years. They started out with only 60 members and now they have over 5.5 million.



Do Something can help a lot of people and even more with your help. So you should go and do something.

How you could help the homeless?

Around 1.6 billion people, which is 21 percent of the world’s population, are homeless. Homelessness is a tragedy you can’t always control. Sometimes people become homeless due to a bad situation such as their parents. There aren’t a lot of things we can do to stop them from getting in that situation, but there are things we can do to help them get out. People have taken action to help through ways such as designing an app, donating food to food drives or clothes to homeless shelters to do their parts.

In Los Angela’s people have chosen to design a app to help the homeless. “The San Fernando Valley Native, who is 40 years old and lives in Hollywood said his parents met at a Alcoholic Anonomys meeting in Resedo. As a teen he expirienced a breif bout of homelessness while he himself wrestled addiction. “(dailynews.edu) This proves anyone can be homeless and it is not always their fault. But, later in life you can turn to some bad things when you’re in a bad situation to try an make it better, but it only makes it worse. And it puts them in a bad place and hard for them to get out of. So, in San Fernando Valley Native was sitting on the side of a curb and one day when a fire truck came after using the Get Help LA app, they later brought food and clothes to help him.

All over the country you can donate food. To your local food drives, to the red cross all over. “Call your local food bank to see what their policies are about donating.” (food52.com) It’s very easy to donate food, Sadly not enough people do it. I feel it s sad there are little kids in your neighborhoods that don’t get enough food and others just waist it like its nothing. Instead of waisting it you could donate it, and same for clothes.

Donating clothes is another thing needed. There are certian places valid to donate. Others places like “Good will and thrift stores do not give their clothes to the homeless, they are no good recourses to donate to.” (wheretodonatclothes.edu) Other places like Salvation Army and Red Cross will make a good use out of the clothes you donate there.

Here were some tips to help you know how to help out. So, everyone else is doing there part so should you. Go out and make a difference in someones life.




Dear, Alan Gratz

Your book has truly touched me, but I think there is a few loose ends that is needed tied u. For example, what happened to Lito? What happened to Josef’s father? Also, What happened to Mahmouds sister? Did they ever find her? Personally I feel their should be a sequel, telling what happened to all these characters.

I really enjoyed how real the book was, because these stories do happened and worse does happened to some refugees. It is nice to see someone write about it so some people may read and get out of their dulusions that everything is perfect in the world. But I also really liked the suspence and action those characteristics kept the plot moving and  more intense as it went on. I do feel bad though for the people who had to live it. I know I could’t do it.

Just some more questions. What inspired you to write a book like this? Are there more books you wrote like it? Do you know anyone personally that has been a refugee, or is one going through this? How long did it take you to write this book? Thank you for writing this book.

Sign, Jazzmin

Martin luther King who?

We all know how Martin Luther king Jr. is famous for his  Civil Rights speeches but, is that all he did? Martin Luther King did a countless number of things, some include him leading the Montgomery Bus Boycott, others are him leading the Birmingham Campaign , and what he is most famous for, being the predominant leader in the Civil Rights movement to end racial seregations.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott took place in Montgomery Alabama. It was a political and social protest campaign against the policies of racial seregation on the public transportation. “Sparked by the arrest of Rosa Parks on 1 December 1955.”(kingthesituation.edu) This proves that Rosa Parks was the reason the transportation issue started. “The Montgomery Improvement Association  coordinated the boycott and it’s president, Martin Luther King, Jr., became a prominent civil rights leader as international attention focused on Montgomery.”(MLGK.net) Therefore shares that Martin Luther King was a part of this act. He later became a part of another act of the Birmingham Campaign.

The Birmingham Campaign was a movement organized in early 1963 by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to bring attention to the intergration efforts of African Americans in Birmingham Alabama. “In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested and sent to jail because he and others were protesting the treatment of Blacks in Birmingham Alabama, A court ordered that King could not hold protest in Birmingham.”(americanhistory.gov) This proves that Blacks were treated different and not given the same rights as every average american.  This goes int the Civil Rights movement.

The Civil Rights movement is by far what Mr. King was most famous for. “King is remembered for his movement mostly against the unequal treatment of African Americans.”(VOANews.org) He was one of the few that thought if they acted chill while they protested they would not be arrested. “His movement began during the bus boycott of 1955 and was ended by an assassin’s bullet in 1958.”(USHistory.org) This proves he ended up costing his life for the rights of African-Americans.

After all the things Martin Luther King Jr. has done big and small, they all create the country we live in now. And it is because of him and many others racism has no where near been as bad.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights have been around for 136 years! The reason why,who and, when they were invented is hanging up everywhere. Christmas lights were hung originally because beliefs of Christ, they were a process of a invention, and they´ve been around for a long time.

The reason why we have hung up Christmas lights has changed over time. ¨The custom goes back to when Christmas trees with candles, which symbolized Christ being the light of the world; these were brought by Christians into there homes in early Germany. Christmas trees displayed publicly and illuminated with electric lights became popular in the early 20th century.” (commdiginews.com) The light idea has been a idea going on for centuries even when we didn’t have lights. Christ was the reasonut took the reason and made it a thing.

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb but was he the one who had the idea of hanging lights? “Thomas Edison, the inventor of the first successful practical light bulb, created the first strand of electric lights… Edward H. Johnson put the very first of Christmas lights together in 1882″(www.loc.gov) So yes, he helped but he wasn’t the only one. “It was Albert Sadacca who saw a future in selling Christmas lights. The Sadacca family owned a novelty light company in 1917.”(www.loc.gov) If it wasn’t for Albert we wouldn’t be able to go to almost any store and buy the lights we love.The people who created the lights were from a while back so i guess that means they are pretty old.

Christmas lights have been around for a long time but they have just lately became a tradition. “They are a Christmas tradition that has strongly withstood time; outdoor Christmas light displays on houses stemmed from the trend of lighting up Christmas tree during the Christmas season.”(highciuntrylights.com) The idea went from outside to the inside of people’s homes and hearts. It would take almost 40 years for electric lights to become the tradition we all know and love.”(www.loc.gov) Christmas lights weren’t a hit at first but they just took a while for everyone to catch on. The Christmas light tradition will probably and hopefully be around for a long while.

The Christmas light idea was around for a long time, since they started to believe in christ, they were a long process of a invention but it was worth the while some might say. In conclusion, Thomas Edison wasn’t the only one who invented the Christmas lights he had some help. And, they are over 136 years old and have been around or a long time.

Thanksgiving Traditions

Does you family have any Thanksgiving traditions? Mine does. My family always wakes up early and prepare the food, then we watch the Parade and Dog Show and, after that my aunt comes over and we eat our weights in food.

As soon as I wake up I go to the kitchen and see my dad starting to prepare the food. We make sausage stuffing the night before so that way it is chilled and can go straight into the turkey. After we stuff the turkey, we make homemade mash potatoes and pumpkin pies and all that good food. In addition to preparing the food about half way through we take a break and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade .

While we watch the Parade I like seeing all the musical and dancing acts they do. After the parade we watch the dog show. Which is my brothers favorite part of the day. Which is sorta weird because normally people favorite part is eating the food. My family judges on who we think should win and which dogs are the cutest. While we watching the dog show my aunt usually shows up.

Pretty soon after the dog show my aunt shows up to our house. She shows up around when the food is done so that way when she gets there, we know it’s about time we start eating. Before we eat we all say what we are thankful for and then we say a quick prayer. My Aunt usually stays the night and we decorate the tree the next morning. Which is my favorite part because it means Christmas is coming soon.

I really love thanksgiving time and all the traditions we do, like making the food, watching the shows and having my family come over. We have more traditions like most families do, but there is to many to list.

Red Ribbon Week

Have you heard of Red Ribbon week? It is a week that fights drug tolerance. Different people and schools do different things. For instance, at my school we have a spirit week type of thing, we also watch a video or have a speaker come in.

My school we dress up every day with a different theme. On the first day we wear Red, because it is RED Ribbon week. On the second day we dress as twins so we can double up against drugs. On the third day we wear crazy socks. On the fourth day we wear our favorite team jerseys, so we can team up on drugs. On the final day we wear costumes in order for us to scare away drugs.

Normally at my school we just watch a video for Red Ribbon week. But this year we had a guest speaker. I think his was a good idea because it showed people that drugs can actually mess up someone’s life too. We should do this more often, and we should watch more videos because those are real people it affects their life and it shows that if you turn toward drugs it could possibly affect yours too.

A lot of people do not even know what Red Ribbon week is which is a shame. I feel we should all know about Red Ribbon week so we can end drug addictions and end overdose. So let us all work together and end addiction. For the children.

Vision Board

On my Vision Board I wrote some things I am interested in doing and want to do. A Vision Board can help you achieve your goals because it is a visual way to see them, and that will help your mind set. Making you want to achieve them more.

One of the things I put on my vision board was, Sprint a whole 400 meter by track season. I run in track and I race the 4 by 400 meter race. I would like to be able to sprint a 400 so I could be the anchor. The anchor is the last person it’s like the finish upper. The 400 is a lap around the track and it’s hard to sprint all the way.

Another thing I put on my board was Try Lacrosse. I have played with my cousin in his backyard. But I have never played on a real team. I know that not alot of schools have Lacrosse teams so I will probably just join a club team or something.

Also I wrote, Make a three in a game. I play basketball and I really like it. But, in a game I have never shot a three. I know I can, and that most of the time when I do I make them. I have always been to scared that I was going to miss it. So this season I am going to try to get courage and shoot a three.

Photography is something I have always been interested in, and I have done it before, but I never been to a ocean so that would kill two birds with one stone. I have taken sunset photos on a lake or just in a puddle. But never of the ocean.

Traveling is something a lot of people like to do. I have a lot of places I would like to go to including, Italy, Australia, Paris, Texas, and many other places. I know people that have done backpacking through Europe and that seemed like something I am interested in.

My cousin use to own a landscaping company before he passed. I always worked for him, and one day I would like to lead in his footsteps by starting my own landscaping business. It would be a small business because I would like to become a teacher also.Teaching is my dream job. I have been wanting to be a teacher since I was a little kid.  So, in order to be a teacher I would need to go to college. I have a few collages I would like to go to like Texas A and M, A.U, UCLA, and a few other.

I actually made a vision board in my room, and in the past two weeks of having it I have added twenty-six to my board and completed fifteen of them.





Fairy Tales

Do you have a favorite story you loved being told when you were a kid? Beauty and the Beast is my favorite story from my childhood, it still is to this day. It is my favorite story because it shows that you should not judge a book by its cover. Also,  I like how in the end where all of the castle changes into a beautiful palace, and all the items changed back into their human form. All the workers and families were reunited and they had a big ball, it was truly a beautiful moment in the story.

I was a little shocked with the original version. But, it did not ruin the story for me. It made it a little bit more interesting. I do not think I would tell my kids that version, I would wait till they were a little bit older.

The original version shows that jealousy can make people do dumb things. I think it is a little extreme for someone to try to have their sister get ate alive because they were jealous of what she has.  Also, it does not surprises me that Belle’s father was rich. I mean I can see him getting into debt. He could have invested too much in a invention or something. The original version interest me, I would definitely read it.

I do like the other version a lot though. I grew up watching the Disney movie. Now there is a version with humans and I like that version, but I definitely like the cartoon the best, I could watch that movie three-hundred times straight.